Screendoor is our flagship application.

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Screendoor lets your team build online forms and evaluate responses. Create forms that look great on any device with our drag-and-drop editor. Then, collaboratively sort, rank and evaluate the submissions you receive.

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Other DOBT Apps

Adopta lets citizens "adopt" civic infrastructure, like fire hydrants or storm drains.
Contested is the easiest way to run innovation challenges. Collect entries, select winners, and create a community.
Opener is a lightweight data-sharing platform built on top of existing cloud storage systems.

We're ready to put our experience to work for you.

Adam Becker

Adam is an experienced software developer and an active contributor and maintainer of several open-source software projects. He was part of the inaugural Presidential Innovation Fellowship class, where he worked on Project RFP-EZ.

Josh Goldstein

Before joining DOBT, Josh worked for the World Bank Group, Google and UNICEF Innovations, helping governments use technology to become more effective and inclusive. He is completing a PhD at Princeton University and has competed in several ultra-marathons.

Clay Johnson

Clay was previously one of the founders of Blue State Digital, the firm that built and managed Barack Obama’s online campaign for the presidency in 2008. Since 2008, he has worked on opening government, both as the Director of Sunlight Labs and as an inaugural Presidential Innovation Fellow leading the RFP-EZ project, a federal experiment in procurement innovation.

Josh Rubenoff

Josh comes to DOBT from two years of leading UI animation, visual QA and design prototyping for a healthcare IT company. He specializes in organizational culture and improving internal design processes.

Kari Mah

Kari is a writer and developer who contributes regularly to KQED and organizes the Sacramento chapter of Maptime. Previously, she raised funds for community-based organizations and served as a fellow at The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. She is a graduate of Pomona College.