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Our favorite GovTech companies (Part 2)

Last week, we shared five of our favorite GovTech companies, but, to be fair, that list wasn’t exactly comprehensive.

This week, we’re going to brag about five more companies doing great work in this industry. As an added bonus, ELGL also recognized all of them in their ELGL Choice Awards. (That’s how you know we have good taste!)

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Our favorite GovTech companies (Part 1)

We share success stories from our customers pretty often, but once in a while, we like to highlight the work of other companies in the GovTech space.

We’ve been in this business for a while, and we can testify that it’s not always easy to do business in the public sector. Despite that, we’ve seen an explosion of other companies stepping up to help government work better. These companies are helping to shepherd the public sector into the 21st century, and we’re super excited to see what they come up with next.

So, without further ado, here are five of our favorite companies, in no particular order.

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Interview: Aidan Feldman on cloud.gov and the new marriage of policy and technology in government

Quote from Aidan Feldman, excerpted from the transcript below.

In this episode of Rewiring Government, DOBT’s CTO Adam Becker steps in as guest host and talks to Aidan Feldman, an Innovation Specialist and developer at 18F, which is part of the United States General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service. They discuss cloud.gov, some interesting “bureaucracy hacks,” and the remaining barriers to real technological change within the federal government. If you’re interested in learning more about the work 18F is doing, check out Aidan’s talk about IT compliance, 18F’s guide to launching software, and cloud.gov.

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A transcript of the interview is below, edited for content and flow.

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Welcome, Aidan!

We’re happy to announce the newest addition to our team, Aidan Nevin.

Aidan is a sales professional who gained experience across many industries after graduating from the University of Vermont with degrees in Psychology and European History in 2011. Most recently, he sold a SaaS reputation management platform to automotive dealerships, making him a great first hire for our sales team.

Aidan is a Vermont native living in Boston, and he and his wife recently welcomed a daughter, Bella.

(And, yes, he’s been to the Ben & Jerry’s Factory–that was our first question!)

Welcome, Aidan!

aidan's headshot

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Technology, identity, and refugees: An interview with Hannes Gassert

Recently, our CEO Joshua Goldstein sat down with Hannes Gassert, a Swiss civic entrepreneur who believes that business and government are inextricable. Gassert rejects the idea that business motivations and the greater good should stand diametrically opposed.

Simple, right?

In the United States, we don’t need to look any further than our current political climate to see what happens when this goes horribly wrong. In Switzerland, however, a direct democracy in which you can call a referendum on any topic with only 100,000 signatures, the picture looks more hopeful.

With such a direct line into the legislative process, shouldn’t citizens be more connected, more able to leverage their influence onto governmental processes? And shouldn’t government run more efficiently than in does in the US?

In his conversation with Goldstein, Gassert challenged these assumptions. He pointed to the lack of truly open, usable data and the lack of a cohesive feedback loop to facilitate real communication within his own country.

Indeed, this lack of communication is one of the largest challenges facing government, not just in Switzerland.

With stark lines drawn between government and citizens, there simply isn’t an easy way to move vital information to the people and projects that need it most, usually until disaster strikes.

Too often we try to bridge the divide when the mess is already too big.

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