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How ProPublica uncovers stories with Screendoor

If you want to find a community of engaged readers, look no further than ProPublica. The independent, nonprofit newsroom routinely asks the public to help with ongoing investigations.

Together with the Virginian-Pilot, ProPublica reporters are exploring the effects of Agent Orange exposure on Vietnam veterans and their children. They’re using Screendoor to collect stories from both those who served in Vietnam and their family members.

Photo of Marines in Vietnam c. 1967

“Members of 1st Recon, Vietnam, ca. 1967” by Michael R. Travis is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

It’s been 40 years since the fall of Saigon, but veterans and their families continue to reckon with the legacy of the Vietnam War. We’re proud that Screendoor has played a role in helping nearly 3,000 veterans tell their stories.

Read the first article to come out of this investigation. And if you’re a journalist who wants to learn how Screendoor can help you crowdsource your reporting, write us at hello@dobt.co.

Kari Mah is a product manager at CityBase.

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