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Goodbye, FormsCentral. Hello, Screendoor.

Adobe will retire FormsCentral in late July. If your agency or government has relied on FormsCentral to build and publish web forms and fillable PDF forms, what should you do?

Give your citizens a break

Filling out a form is a tedious yet necessary task, one from which few are exempt. The easier it is for your citizens to fill out a form, the quicker they can get on with their day.

Screendoor saves everyone time with the following features:

Process forms more efficiently

Just as FormsCentral did, Screendoor lets you filter and sort responses to view your data however you like. Beyond that, you can identify a subset of responses with advanced search and add labels and statuses to responses to better manage them.

Screenshot of filters and labels on the Responses page.

It’s likely you aren’t the only one handling responses. Group colleagues into project teams and assign them responses for review.

Screenshot of assigning a response to the Engineering team.

If you need to move your data at any time, you can export responses as a CSV, Excel, or PDF file.

Make the switch

It’s time to leave fillable PDF forms behind. Switch to Screendoor’s easy-to-use web forms to increase response rates and lower processing time.

Ready to get started? Send a PDF form to pdfs@dobt.co, and we will covert it to a form in Screendoor, free of charge!

Kari Mah is a product manager at CityBase.

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