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Welcome, Victor!

We’re excited to announce another addition to our team: the talented Victor Lymar.

Victor joins us from Scribd, where he worked as a backend engineer on one of the web’s largest Rails apps in production. Before that, he studied Computer Science and Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley and graduated in 2014.

Recently, he and Adam also became lead belay certified, another stop in their quest to convert the Department of Better Technology into a rock climbing team.

Welcome to the team, Victor!

victor's headshot

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New Screendoor Feature: Say hello (or hola) to multi language forms

Today, we’re excited to officially unveil a tool we’ve had in beta for a while: multi language forms!

Great government digital services are easily accessible by default, and one big component of accessibility is ensuring users can access content in their primary language. As part of our work with the Government of Switzerland, we developed a simple way to translate your Screendoor forms into Spanish, French, Italian, or German.

Usually, we launch a feature with a simple blog post and a walkthrough, but we’d also like to let you see how one of our customers put it to use.

Want to learn how the Los Angeles Times used a translated Screendoor form to crowdsource stories for one of the coolest pieces of journalism this year? Read on for the details, along with a walkthrough video so that you can start translating your own forms today.

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Interview: Swati Mylavarapu on government service delivery and reinventing citizen experience

Quote from Swati Mylavarapu, excerpted from the transcript below.

In this episode of Rewiring Government, CEO Joshua Goldstein talks to Swati Mylavarapu, a partner at VC firm Kleiner, Perkins, Caufield and Byers, about the challenges and opportunities for software startups, and tech companies more broadly, in helping government improve the way they operate and deliver public services to citizens. The conversation is bookended by some bigger picture questions about the role that technology companies play in solving some of society’s largest problems.

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Screendoor Update: Send a response to external collaborators

We think about forms all the time, since they’re what Screendoor is built upon.

Forms are the lifeblood of nearly every bureaucratic process because they make it easier to capture the correct information in the correct format, and then distribute that information to all interested parties. Often, these interested parties are from multiple offices, agencies, programs, and departments, which can make communication difficult and tedious.

We make it easy for Screendoor users to collect, review, and approve responses. But to date, it’s been harder to collaborate with colleagues who aren’t using Screendoor. Sure, you could send them an exported PDF or an Excel workbook, but those require an extra step and an extra email. That’s not exactly aligned with the goal of simplifying and automating business processes.

So, after tons of feedback from current and prospective customers, we’re working on some Screendoor updates to make it easier to make the move from your paper or PDF-based business process to an online workflow.

Our first update is a way to make working with your forms, both online and offline, a bit easier. Plus, we’ve given our PDF exports a little facelift.

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Collecting Net Promoter Score using Screendoor

We love the concept of dogfooding at DOBT. Even though we’re not a government agency, we’re always on the lookout for new opportunities to use Screendoor for ourselves. So, when our Customer Success team mentioned that they were looking at different tools to conduct a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey with our users, we immediately thought, “Hey, we can build that with Screendoor!”

We’re pretty excited about how easy Screendoor makes this process, so we’ve decided to share our strategy (and our own Screendoor-NPS repository) with all of you. Feel free to try it out and let us know what you think.

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