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Sharing and Previewing Screendoor Project Templates

As we mentioned last week, increased user efficiency is one benefit we track when we measure the return on investment in Screendoor. Our software saves you time, so you and your collaborators can focus on managing submissions and making decisions swiftly.

Among the many Screendoor features that serve this goal is the project template. We think you’ll find our drag-and-drop form builder and project wizard simple to use, but you shouldn’t need to build a project from scratch if another Screendoor user has created a similar one before.

Instead, create a project with a template—either from our template library or the list of templates in your Screendoor account. This allows you to reuse configuration settings and form components from an existing or archived project. As for the settings and fields you don’t want to reuse, you can delete or edit them in the project wizard easily.

Share your template

Do you have a project others could reformat and use? Rather than emailing your colleagues a Word document with the project details, you can create a template and add it to our collection of templates hosted on Github. In the repository, you’ll find instructions on how to contribute.

Preview a template

In our template library, you can also preview each template immediately. Click one of the buttons like the one here:

preview on screendoor

The preview page provides an overview of the project description, response form, rating fields for evaluation, and other settings. If you already have a Screendoor account, you can import the template and create a project from it right away. If you don’t have an account, sign up at the bottom of the preview page to get started for free:

sign up

Want to learn more about using templates in Screendoor? Check out our Knowledge Base.

If you’re curious about Screendoor, contact us for a demo or sign up for an account.

Kari Mah is a product manager at CityBase.

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