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Upgrade your forms with repeating groups

Today we’re adding repeating groups, one of our most requested form features, to Screendoor.

Some forms might ask respondents to fill out the same fields more than once. If you’re building a job application, you might ask for the names of a few references, along with the contact information for each. And if you’re hosting a business registration form, you might ask a few questions about each business partner involved.

For example, here’s an excerpt from the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services’s Application to Extend/Change Nonimmigrant Status:

Repeating groups make it super easy for admins to ask for this kind of information. Once you create a group, you can add as many fields to it as you’d like.

Repeating groups also make it a lot easier for respondents to fill out your form. Since each group only needs to show up once, your respondents will spend a lot less time scrolling through unnecessary duplicate fields.

Like everything in Screendoor, repeating groups really shine when it’s time to analyze and collaborate around responses. Screendoor knows that every answer to a field in a repeating group is related, so we’ve made it easy to search inside their answers and view those answers right inside the responses dashboard.

If you’re creating a new project, you can get started with repeating groups right now. Just drag a repeating group into your form and start adding fields to it.

Kari Mah is a product manager at CityBase.

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