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Scheduling appointments with Screendoor

This week I heard from a government official whose department plans to host office hours to stay in touch with the public. He had looked at various software tools for scheduling these meetings, but nothing offered both the power and simplicity he needed. He wanted his staff to be able to manage meeting requests and quickly send meeting details to attendees. Above all, the tool needed to be accessible to the public, especially people with limited connectivity or technology skills.

complicated meeting software screenshot

Too complicated for the general public.

Previously, we hadn’t considered appointment scheduling to be in Screendoor’s wheelhouse. But with recent updates to our API and our customizable form rendering library, we realized we could build a custom appointment time picker pretty easily!

Here were the meeting requirements:

With those parameters in mind, we built Screendoor Appointment Dropdown, an open source Screendoor integration that automatically populates a dropdown field with available meeting times. Once a respondent selects a time slot, it’s removed from the list so that it’s not double-booked.

simpler appointment form built with Screendoor

Ah, much better!

In just a couple of hours, we extended Screendoor to serve a new need and we solved a tricky problem for one government official and his team. It’s the latest example of how we help governments deliver great digital services to the people who depend on them.

Adam Becker is a co-founder of The Department of Better Technology.

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