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Screendoor New Features: Messages, Edits, and more!

We’ve been heads-down on our flagship product, Screendoor, our software that makes it easy for you to list projects online – like jobs, RFPs, and apps contests – and find the winning responses. You might think, from our recent blogposts, that all DOBT does is yammer on about procurement reform and build silly Hubot scripts. Not so! Let’s take a look at some of the great new features we’re rolling out in Screendoor.

1) Incoming emails

Using Screendoor to put a form online and screen through the responses has always been great. But what about when you don’t have a form? For instance, perhaps you want to post to a job listing website and have prospective candidates submit their cover letter and a resume. Now, Screendoor lets you use email to take in input. You just select the option when you create a project, and you’ve got an instant, collaborative inbox that you can use to pick the right candidate, select the right applicant, or choose the winning essay.

2) Messages

But let’s say you select a candidate, and let everybody else know they didn’t get the job. Or that you wanted to let a select group of contest entrants know that they’ve made it to the next round. Now there’s Screendoor Messages. Screendoor Messages are a powerful way to send personal emails to each of your responders. By using variables like responder_name, you can easily personalize your message for each user.

3) “Allow responder to edit”

Finally, if you want to allow your responders to edit their submissions, you can choose to either “Allow one revision” or “Permanently allow edits”. They’ll be notified that they can now update their response, and if you chose to allow just one revision, their response will become locked after they save their changes.

If you’re already using Screendoor, these features are live and ready-to-use today. If you’re not, just contact us for a demo or to get setup with an account. We look forward to making your “Screening” more collaborative and efficient!

Adam Becker is a co-founder of The Department of Better Technology.

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