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The Most Interesting Part of the President's New Open Data Policy

Open Government-land is buzzing about an executive order outlining a new Open Data policy. Here’s my favorite part:

(b) Within 90 days of the issuance of the Open Data Policy, the Administrator for Federal Procurement Policy, Controller of the Office of Federal Financial Management, CIO, and Administrator of OIRA shall work with the Chief Acquisition Officers Council, Chief Financial Officers Council, Chief Information Officers Council, and Federal Records Council to identify and initiate implementation of measures to support the integration of the Open Data Policy requirements into Federal acquisition and grant-making processes. Such efforts may include developing sample requirements language, grant and contract language, and workforce tools for agency acquisition, grant, and information management and technology professionals.

(Emphasis Mine)

Well would you look at that. Maybe the federal government wants to create its own Open RFP Library. Or maybe it’s foreshadowing to an IT overhaul executive order that couples itself with this?

The whole memo is great. Here’s hoping that there’s a way to pay for it. I suspect that most of the things that the White House is asking agencies to do can be done in individual increments, for less than $150,000 – and that they could use RFP-EZ to open the door to a wide swath of new, nimble technology companies to do this work.

What an opportunity.

Clay is the chairman and co-founder of The Department of Better Technology.

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