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Weekend Reading

It was a full year ago that Adam, Jed, and I started as Presidential Innovation Fellows to make RFP-EZ: The software that ended up saving the government 30% on IT purchases. It was a remarkable journey that not only ended up in a successful shipment of software, but also a lot of lessons learned.

We took some time to reflect on that effort earlier this year. Now we’re happy to release an edited, lessons-learned document that we’ve turned into an e-book called “7 Simple Ways to Modernize Enterprise Procurement.” It’s a white paper on what we learned during RFP-EZ, where I think we succeeded, and where I think we ought to go.

Procurement is complicated. If you’re thinking about modernizing procurement in your area, these are some very pragmatic ideas about where improvement can begin. We hope it helps.

Clay is the chairman and co-founder of The Department of Better Technology.

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