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What's new for Screendoor project reviewers

Teams in government and nonprofit organizations who use Screendoor for innovation challenges often call upon subject matter experts (SMEs) to help them identify the most promising entries. These collaborators are invited precisely for their domain knowledge, not their dexterity with software. They’re most likely pressed for time. Instead of learning the ins and outs of Screendoor, they should be able to review responses right away.

To shorten the learning curve, we made some changes to the first-run experience for reviewers:

New permission level

Now when you invite reviewers to your project, you can permit them to rate only the responses you’ve assigned to them:

Can review assigned responses permission level

Clearer invitation email

In the “From” field, we replaced “Screendoor” with the name of the project admin. We also revised the subject line and message so reviewers know exactly which Screendoor project they’ve been invited to:

collaborator email screenshot

Detailed notifications

Similarly, when reviewers are assigned to responses, they now receive a notification email from the admin responsible for the assignment:

notification email

Our in-app notifications for status changes and assignments mention the admin’s name, too:

Screendoor status change notification

“Assigned to me” filter

A few reviewers told us it wasn’t immediately clear which responses on the “Responses” page were the ones they needed to evaluate.

We listened and added an “Assigned to me” filter. Now when reviewers first visit the Screendoor project they’ve been invited to, this filter is selected by default, so the responses assigned to them are front and center in the “Responses” table:

Responses table with assigned to me filter

Smarter default columns

As for the layout of the “Responses” table, the “Respondent name” and “My overall rating” columns, shown in the screenshot above, are now displayed by default.

Rating status indicator

With a new rating status indicator at the top of each response, reviewers no longer need to scroll through the response to determine whether they’ve completed all their ratings. If reviewers skips over a rating by mistake, pressing the “Finish rating” button will take them directly to the incomplete rating:

rating indicator

This is just the beginning of our push to improve the reviewer experience. We’ll have more to report in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Kari Mah is a product manager at CityBase.

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