Paperless Forms

Bringing your forms online might improve short-term citizen satisfaction, but it won’t make your agency more efficient. Screendoor not only gives your team mobile-friendly online forms, but it also enables them to evaluate the responses they receive.

Intake and Evaluation

From grant proposals and RFPs to applications and citizen requests, Screendoor makes it easy for your team to stay organized, collaborate effectively, and build consensus throughout your process.

Selection and Awards

Collect responses in Screendoor, bring in your judges to rate them, and filter by average rating to find the best responses in seconds.

Approval Workflows

Screendoor lets you automatically route responses through your chain of command. Just set up your approval process, and let us do the rest.

Bid Management

Our mobile-friendly RFP forms empower bidders to respond quickly. Rate and discuss their proposals with your team, and calculate average scores in real time.

Process Automation

Stop working with confusing flow diagrams and process charts. Automatically assign, sort, and forward responses in Screendoor, while mapping your process in plain English.

Serving cities, states, and federal agencies

“None of the existing solutions met my specs. Screendoor does everything I need, and does it well.
Photo of Kat Karimi Kat Karimi Program Director at Civic Innovation Lab

Built to serve government

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We are available on the most widely-used acquisition vehicle in the federal government.

Priority support

Receive phone and email support within 2–8 business hours, alongside in-person training.

Custom user permissions

Granular, feature-level controls allow you to dictate what you want each employee to see.

Two‑factor authentication

Require users to enter a security code on their computer or mobile device in order to sign in.

Single sign-on

Use your current identity provider’s credentials to authenticate with Screendoor.

Flexible hosting

Use our FISMA Moderate data center, or host Screendoor on your own servers.

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Learn about our vision for the future of government forms, and how agencies should digitize the processes behind them.

Image of Screendoor's response dashboard.

Select Features

Powerful online forms

Our mobile-friendly forms support logic, submission fees, and more.

Statuses and labels

Stay organized by sorting and tagging responses as they come in.

Custom rating criteria

Invite your team into Screendoor to rate and approve responses together.


Let your respondents sign submissions after they are completed or edited.

Advanced search and filtering

Filter responses by their ratings, contents, source, and more.

Mail merge

Send personalized follow-up emails to the best responses in just a few clicks.

Import / export responses

Pipe CSV responses into Screendoor, or integrate responses with the rest of your IT stack.

Rating histograms

With a single graph, see how average ratings break down for each reviewer.

Templates and presets

Save time by reusing common messages and project settings.

Support respondents

Help troubleshoot your respondents’ drafts by reviewing their validation errors and progress through your form.

Workflow automation

Set triggers to automatically route responses to colleagues, add custom labels, or move respondents to the next phase.

Open data sync

Automatically push responses to your open data portal. Screendoor integrates with Socrata and CKAN.

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