Create a custom rubric to rate your candidates.

Screendoor lets you use quantitative and qualitative scoring to evaluate each application when you receive it. Categorize applications with statuses and labels, or mention colleagues in a comment to bring them into the conversation.

Surface the best performers.

Sort responses by your team's overall score with a single click. Or use our powerful search and filtering tools to find the candidate with the exact qualifications you're looking for.

Keep everyone in the loop.

Application forms, resumes, and your discussions about them all stay in the same place. Screendoor empowers your team to understand the current status of any candidate at a glance.

Follow up with applicants, even the ones you don't pick.

Once you've found your candidates, invite them to an interview by sending a bulk email right inside Screendoor. You can also send "thank you" emails to applicants who didn't make the cut.

Eliminate unconscious bias.

Judge candidates solely on their merits, not their demographics. We let you anonymize anything in your application form to remove potential bias.

Host applications on a gorgeous website.

Our forms and landing pages are branded with your logo and optimized for mobile. We also save applications in progress. So if an applicant closes their browser accidentally, they can pick up where they left off.

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“To bring three awesome technologists into Congress, we had just six weeks for recruitment and three rounds of selections. There is absolutely no way I would have been able to execute this program without Screendoor.
Photo of Travis Moore Travis Moore Founder of TechCongress


Screendoor uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and all accounts come with optional two-factor authentication. Learn more about our practices by reading our full security policy.


We're committed to making Screendoor affordable for everyone, no matter the size of your organization. Contact us to request a quote.


Screendoor has passed multiple privacy assessments conducted by federal agencies, and lets you export your data at any time for reporting and public disclosure.

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