Rate each entry and find the best quickly.

Invite your team of judges to rate each entry by any rubric you decide. Once all judges have rated, you can look at the highest-rated entries with a single click.

Keep your judges in the loop.

Discussions and ratings around each entry live in Screendoor, so every contest judge can stay up to date. You'll never have to remember to CC: a colleague on an important email again.

Create a beautiful landing page for your challenge.

Our contest forms are easy to complete and look great on mobile devices and tablets. Publicize your challenge on a personalized landing page, hosted on your own forms.fm subdomain.

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Send follow-up messages.

Follow up on promising entries and send bulk rejection letters to entries that don't make the cut. Our contest management system makes follow-up ridiculously easy.

“None of the existing solutions [for innovation challenges] met my specs. Screendoor does everything I need, and does it well.
Photo of Kat Karimi Kat Karimi Program Director at Civic Innovation Lab


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