Make it easy to submit data online.

Our forms are optimized for mobile devices and tablets, so your team can collect data in the field. Add error validation and conditional logic to reduce the risk of errors in data entry.

Manage all of your open data in one place.

Import data sets from other services to analyze, discuss, and approve open data in a single location.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Communication around each data set stays within Screendoor. When your team understands the history and current status of each data set, you can publish your data more quickly.

Automatically push data to Socrata or CKAN.

Instead of manually publishing data to your portal, you can sync data from your Screendoor forms automatically. We even update Socrata or CKAN in real time when you revise data.

Choose exactly what you want to release.

With Screendoor's filtering tools, you can automatically release only what you want to be made public. For example, choose to publish data sets that your team has personally approved, or those which contain specific words or phrases.


Screendoor uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and all accounts come with optional two-factor authentication. Learn more about our practices by reading our full security policy.


We're committed to making Screendoor affordable for every government agency, no matter the size. Contact us to request a quote.


Screendoor has passed multiple privacy assessments conducted by federal agencies, and lets you export your data at any time for reporting and public disclosure.

Become more transparent with zero effort. Start using Screendoor today.

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