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Invite your team to rate and discuss a proposal according to your custom rubric. With each submitted rating, Screendoor recalculates the average score in real time.

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Use Screendoor's filtering and sorting features to compile live Web reports of bidder data, or export a proposal and its scores as a PDF.

“Screendoor is a refined and mature service: the interface is attractive, responsive, and easy to use. We can evaluate vendor bids for our project much more accurately and efficiently than before. I would recommend a trial of Screendoor to any organization that reviews bids.”
Photo of Dan Moore Dan Moore Web Developer for the City of Somerville, MA


Screendoor uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and all accounts come with optional two-factor authentication. Learn more about our practices by reading our full security policy.


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Screendoor has passed multiple privacy assessments conducted by federal agencies, and lets you export your data at any time for reporting and public disclosure.

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