Process incoming requests quickly.

As soon as a request is submitted, you can delegate it to the appropriate public disclosure officer. They will immediately receive an email notification to take further action.

Keep everyone on the same page.

Communication around each request stays within Screendoor. When everyone on your staff understands the history and status of each request, you can work more efficiently and reduce administrative overhead.

Keep citizens up to date.

Citizens can see the current status of their request in Screendoor at any time, reducing back-and-forth communication between the requester and your staff.

Compile in-depth reports.

Export data from Screendoor with just a few clicks. Then, compile important statistics like the number of requests received and processed by each department or agency, response time, and the outcome of each request.

Offer a modern request form.

When citizens are frustrated by an unusable government form, they blame their civil servants, not the software vendor. Screendoor gives you a beautiful, accessible form for free, built on modern Web technologies.

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Screendoor uses 256-bit SSL encryption, and all accounts come with optional two-factor authentication. Learn more about our practices by reading our full security policy.


We're committed to making Screendoor affordable for every government agency, no matter the size. Contact us to request a quote.


Screendoor has passed multiple privacy assessments conducted by federal agencies, and lets you export your data at any time for reporting and public disclosure.

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