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Build powerful forms

Use our powerful drag-and-drop form builder to validate prices, email addresses, dates, and more.

Create templates from your forms that you can re-use later.

All changes to your projects are saved automatically.

Building a form in Screendoor.

Manage responses

View and filter the submissions you receive, on any device.

Screenshot of Screendoor's responses page.

Categorize responses as you receive them, just like you do with emails.

Assign a response to one or more people for review.

Find the exact responses you're looking for with our powerful search and filtering tools.

Import responses you've already received from third-party services.

Review and analyze

Evaluate submissions by any metric you can imagine.

A star rating field. Stars
A numeric rating field. Numbers
A Yes/No rating field. Yes / No
A free-text rating field. Free Text

A distribution of ratings among your team.
Analyze a response's average scores. Use weighted ratings to give key metrics a heavier influence.
Filtering responses by average ratings.
Sort responses by your team's average ratings, or use powerful filters to narrow your search further.

Provide support

Use a robust set of tools to keep respondents happy and informed.

Previewing a message.

Messages let you follow up on responses with personalized emails, composed right inside Screendoor.

Use merge variables to send bulk emails customized for each recipient.

If you send the same message frequently, save it as a preset to re-use later.

Viewing the validation errors for an unsbumitted draft.

Troubleshoot where respondents are getting stuck: view validation errors and completion rates for unsubmitted drafts at a glance.

Approving a revision.

When respondents make mistakes, grant them permission to edit their response.

You have final approval over any changes respondents submit.

Approving a revision.

Create custom confirmation pages and emails to set expectations after someone submits to your project.

Questions inside a Screendoor project.

Let respondents ask questions about your project during the submission period.

Commenting on a Screendoor response.


Work with your entire team to make better decisions, faster.

View all of your team’s activity around a response at a glance.

Add comments to responses, and @mention reviewers to discuss with them.

Remove potential bias from your process by anonymizing any form field that contains sensitive data.

Get notified by email whenever your colleagues make important changes to a response.

Setting permissions in Screendoor.
Set granular permissions over what your colleagues can access.

Automate your workflow

Shortcuts in Screendoor make your process more efficient, while keeping it transparent.

Customize Screendoor to match your organization's unique workflow.

Trigger automated actions when a response is submitted, revised, rated, or when its status and labels are changed.

Configuring shortcuts in Screendoor.

Automation in Screendoor comes with peace of mind.
It's reversible, transparent, and easy to understand.

If you're an admin and trigger a shortcut by mistake, undo it with a single click.

Not sure why a shortcut was triggered? Go straight to that shortcut to investigate its behavior.


A response’s activity feed shows how shortcuts are connected, so you'll always understand what happened in hindsight.

Viewing shortcuts in a response's activity.

Publish your forms

Your audience deserves an excellent experience with your organization. Use your online forms to make a great first impression.

A landing page on

Host your form on an elegant landing page, with your own branding and subdomain.

If text isn't enough to describe your form, attach external documents like PDFs.

If your form requires payment, accept submission fees via credit card.

Set deadlines for submission. If a respondent needs more time, extend the deadline just for them.

Share your form with the world, maintain some privacy by circulating it internally, or hide the URL from search engines entirely.

An embedded Screendoor form.

Embed our form inside your existing site to match your look and feel.

Premium features

Add e-signatures to your forms. Respondents can sign submissions after they are completed or edited.

For government plans

Signing a response in Screendoor.
Illustration of Screendoor responses syncing with an open data portal.

Sync responses with your open data portal. Combine your data production and publishing processes. We integrate with Socrata, CKAN, and DKAN.

For government plans

Group colleagues into teams to manage your enterprise effectively. Assign responses and ratings to an entire team to spread the work around.

For customers with 50+ users

Illustration of grouping a project into teams.

Built for enterprise


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All pages are Section 508 compliant and exceed WCAG 2.0 Level AA accessibility guidelines. Screendoor has passed privacy assessments conducted by multiple federal agencies.


User actions taken in Screendoor are always audited, and administrators can extract user data in a variety of formats at any time. Compile reports in spreadsheets, export PDFs for FOIA requests, or use our robust API to integrate with Screendoor directly.

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