Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Boost your forms with repeating groups

If you’d like to ask respondents to fill out the same fields more than once, you can now add a “repeating group” of these fields to your form. Respondents no longer need to scroll through duplicate fields that aren’t relevant to them:

Adding another repeating group to a form.

Try this feature yourself by selecting the “repeating group” field type in the form builder. Or learn more by reading our latest blog post!

Add a response edit link to a message

Message composer with link to edit response.

To any message, you can now add a link for the respondent to edit their response.

Assuming you’ve released the response for edits, this link will take the respondent straight to their form so they can start editing immediately.

View PDF attachments without downloading them

When a respondent uploads a PDF as part of their response, you can now view the file right inside Screendoor. No need to download a PDF attachment if you don’t want to!

Just click “Preview” under the thumbnail:

PDF attachment thumbnail.

PDF lightbox preview.

View edit events in the activity feed

Activity feed with edit events.

Whenever a respondent asks to edit their response or submits edits for review, you can now see a record of that action in the activity feed.

Same goes for those instances when an admin lets the respondent edit, approves those edits, or edits the response themselves.

Delete multiple users more quickly

If you’ve ever had to delete more than one user from the Account page, you know it involved a lot of scrolling. Now, when you remove a user, the page no longer reloads at the top. Instead, it jumps straight to the Users section.

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