Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Delay submissions until your project launches

Delaying submissions.

Want to advertise your project before you’re ready to accept submissions? Now you can! When setting up your project page, just press the “Delay submissions” button and enter your project’s launch date.

Once you’re ready to share your project with the world, we’ll publish your project page but keep your form closed until the chosen date.

A screenshot of the Share page when submissions are delayed.

Sort long multiple choice fields alphabetically

The old way of sorting options alphabetically.

Let’s say your form has a giant dropdown with 50 options, and you keep them sorted alphabetically. Then your boss tells you to add a 51st option that starts with N. Until now, this was super annoying: after adding the option, you had to manually scroll up to reorder it.

The new "Sort A-Z" button for long multiple choice fields.

No more! If your multiple choice field has more than 15 options, just click the “Sort A-Z” link to reorder them automatically. Handy!

Automatically share responses with colleagues not on Screendoor

Adding a "Send a copy" shortcut action.

We’ve added a shortcut action that automatically emails a PDF or plain text copy of a response to any address.

To learn more, check out our announcement on the blog.

Our PDF exports now look a bit nicer

Our redesigned PDFs.

When you export a PDF of a response, it now looks a bit more professional.

In particular, if you’ve uploaded a logo for your organization, it’s now at the very top of the page.

Ask your respondents to sign any preamble you'd like

Customizing your e-signature's premamble.

Screendoor’s e-signatures have appeared alongside with a boilerplate statement asking respondents to verify their submission is accurate. We’ve since recognized that this isn’t ideal for every form.

Now, you can write any preamble you like for your form’s e-signature. When editing your project, just press the Edit button next to your signature’s preamble.