Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Delete multiple users more quickly

If you’ve ever had to delete more than one user from the Account page, you know it involved a lot of scrolling. Now, when you remove a user, the page no longer reloads at the top. Instead, it jumps straight to the Users section.

Add more CC and BCC recipients to your messages

Message composer with CC and BCC fields shown.

Previously, when you wrote a message, created a message preset, or configured a confirmation email, you could include up to five email addresses in the CC and BCC fields. Now you can add up to 15 in each field. Go forth—with prudence!

More intuitive average rating formats

Average rating format in the numeric format.

We used to always show a response’s average overall rating as a percentage—regardless of the type of rating fields set up for the project.

Now, if you’ve configured only star rating fields, we show the average overall rating in that format. And if you’re using only numeric rating fields of the same scale, we show the average overall rating as a number.

Export comments

Include comments in response export.

When you export responses from your project, you can now include comments, too.

Org admins are now displayed in user profiles

Org admins on the profile page.

Attention users! Need permission to create an API key, manage a third-party integration, or import a project templates? Organization admins are now listed on your profile, so you can easily identify which colleague you should reach out to.