Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Sort and search by response number

Sorting by response number.

At long last, you can now sort responses by their number on the Responses page. (For those of you whose screen real estate isn’t at a premium, sorting by “Submitted at” still accomplishes the same thing.)

Looking for specific response? Now you can type in its response number into the search bar and press enter to quickly retrieve it.

Preview which form fields respondents will see immediately

The formbuilder, with grayed-out fields.

Want to have a better idea of exactly what your respondents will see when they first load your form?

The formbuilder now fades out any fields the respondent won’t initially see, whether they’re marked as hidden or dependent upon conditions.

Rename newly invited collaborators

Renaming a collaborator.

Accidentally misspelled the name of someone you’ve invited? Now you can fix your mistake from the Collaborators page without waiting for your new colleague to sign in and edit their profile.

Include a copy of the response in your confirmation emails

A confirmation email with an appended copy of the response.

Looking for an easy way for respondents to retain a record of their submission? Screendoor now lets you include full responses inside your confirmation emails.

While setting up your project’s confirmations, just check the box “Include a copy of their response.”

Example projects are off your dashboard

Example projects are no longer listed on your dashboard.

We just revamped the way our example projects work. Now, everyone on your team can play with example projects to get a better sense of what an active project looks like.

Example projects will no longer appear in your dashboard after you create them. Instead, you can see them all in one place. Just press the “check out an example project” link from the “Create project” page.

The "check out an example project" link.