Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Sort users and projects on the Account page

Sorting projects.

If you’re an administrator of a Screendoor organization with a ton of projects and users, we know it can be a struggle to manage them all! We’ve made a couple of improvements to make it easier for you to determine which users to remove and which projects to archive:

You can now sort users alphabetically and by most or least active.

As for projects, you can sort them alphabetically, by most or least recently updated, or whether they are published or private.

View organization admins on the project collaborators page

The project collaborators page, with org admins present.

Organization administrators have all permissions in each project in their organization. Before, we didn’t make this explicit to project admins. Now when you visit the Collaborators page, you will see the list of organization administrators who have access to your project.

Respondents can access drafts after the deadline

Link to drafts, after the deadline.

Respondents can now view their drafts after your project’s deadline has passed.

Sort and search by response number

Sorting by response number.

At long last, you can now sort responses by their number on the Responses page. (For those of you whose screen real estate isn’t at a premium, sorting by “Submitted at” still accomplishes the same thing.)

Looking for specific response? Now you can type in its response number into the search bar and press enter to quickly retrieve it.

Preview which form fields respondents will see immediately

The formbuilder, with grayed-out fields.

Want to have a better idea of exactly what your respondents will see when they first load your form?

The formbuilder now fades out any fields the respondent won’t initially see, whether they’re marked as hidden or dependent upon conditions.