Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Include a copy of the response in your confirmation emails

A confirmation email with an appended copy of the response.

Looking for an easy way for respondents to retain a record of their submission? Screendoor now lets you include full responses inside your confirmation emails.

While setting up your project’s confirmations, just check the box “Include a copy of their response.”

Example projects are off your dashboard

Example projects are no longer listed on your dashboard.

We just revamped the way our example projects work. Now, everyone on your team can play with example projects to get a better sense of what an active project looks like.

Example projects will no longer appear in your dashboard after you create them. Instead, you can see them all in one place. Just press the “check out an example project” link from the “Create project” page.

The "check out an example project" link.

We've made it easier to only pay for Screendoor when you need it.

We really appreciate our paying customers, and hope they find Screendoor valuable throughout the year! However, some of our clients only use Screendoor for innovation challenges or contests that occur over a few months. These customers often pay for Screendoor while their project is running, and downgrade to a cheaper plan for the rest of the year so they can keep their responses.

We just shipped a change to our downgrading flow that makes it easier for these customers to pay for Screendoor only when they need it. When you decide to switch to a cheaper plan, we’ll tell you exactly how many projects and users must be archived or removed to be under the cheaper plan’s limits.

A screenshot of the warning you'll see when downgrading to a cheaper plan.

If you’re downgrading to a free plan, instead of making you remove all of your projects and users manually, we’ll delete all of your account data for you. (After warning you, of course!)

Screendoor now warns you when you're about to change your workflow

Screendoor’s shortcuts are a great way to automate your workflow. They can automatically assign a response to the right reviewer, or change a response’s status if it’s rated with a certain score. But what if you create a shortcut that references a label, and one of your colleagues tries to delete the label? It’s really easy for them to break the workflow you’ve set up.

We just shipped a change that handles this situation a bit more gracefully. When someone on your team tries to delete something referenced by a shortcut (like statuses, labels, collaborators or form fields) Screendoor will ask if they also want to delete the shortcuts attached to it.

Deleting a form field referenced by a shortcut.

This serves as a reminder that their actions will have unforseen consequences. From there, you can either go ahead and delete the shortcut, or go back to the Shortcuts page and change your workflow accordingly.

We've removed the messages page

The navbar, without the Messages page.

You might have noticed that we’ve removed Screendoor’s Messages page from the navigation bar in all of your projects.

If you’ve come to rely on that page, don’t worry: Screendoor still lets you do everything the old Messages page let you accomplish, and more.

  • Want to check whether you’ve sent a message to a certain respondent? Easy: when you view that response in Screendoor, you can read every message you’ve sent them in the “Activity” section.

  • If you want to know how many respondents have received one of your message presets, our “Messages” advanced search filter lets you do just that.

  • Bonus: if you added a confirmation email to your project after receiving some submissions, a new “Confirmation email” search filter can tell you who hasn’t yet received it.

  • If you’re looking to edit your message presets, or create a new one, check out the Settings page.

    The new message presets page.