Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

Our PDF exports now look a bit nicer

Our redesigned PDFs.

When you export a PDF of a response, it now looks a bit more professional.

In particular, if you’ve uploaded a logo for your organization, it’s now at the very top of the page.

Ask your respondents to sign any preamble you'd like

Customizing your e-signature's premamble.

Screendoor’s e-signatures have appeared alongside with a boilerplate statement asking respondents to verify their submission is accurate. We’ve since recognized that this isn’t ideal for every form.

Now, you can write any preamble you like for your form’s e-signature. When editing your project, just press the Edit button next to your signature’s preamble.

Editing comments. Finally.

Editing comments. Finally.

Ever pressed “Enter” too early when writing a comment? We know we have. It’s one of our many regrets in life.

Now you can edit your comments. Fix your typos, fix your mistakes, fix your life.

Nicer-looking emails

Our redesigned emails.

Noticed our new notifications lately? We’ve completely redesigned our emails for both admins and respondents. It’s not just a visual upgrade—compatibility with old Outlook clients and smartphones should be greatly improved.

If you find any bugs, let us know at!

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