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Screendoor now warns you when you're about to change your workflow

Screendoor’s shortcuts are a great way to automate your workflow. They can automatically assign a response to the right reviewer, or change a response’s status if it’s rated with a certain score. But what if you create a shortcut that references a label, and one of your colleagues tries to delete the label? It’s really easy for them to break the workflow you’ve set up.

We just shipped a change that handles this situation a bit more gracefully. When someone on your team tries to delete something referenced by a shortcut (like statuses, labels, collaborators or form fields) Screendoor will ask if they also want to delete the shortcuts attached to it.

Deleting a form field referenced by a shortcut.

This serves as a reminder that their actions will have unforseen consequences. From there, you can either go ahead and delete the shortcut, or go back to the Shortcuts page and change your workflow accordingly.