Screendoor Updates

The latest features, changes, and refinements to Screendoor.

We've made it easier to only pay for Screendoor when you need it.

We really appreciate our paying customers, and hope they find Screendoor valuable throughout the year! However, some of our clients only use Screendoor for innovation challenges or contests that occur over a few months. These customers often pay for Screendoor while their project is running, and downgrade to a cheaper plan for the rest of the year so they can keep their responses.

We just shipped a change to our downgrading flow that makes it easier for these customers to pay for Screendoor only when they need it. When you decide to switch to a cheaper plan, we’ll tell you exactly how many projects and users must be archived or removed to be under the cheaper plan’s limits.

A screenshot of the warning you'll see when downgrading to a cheaper plan.

If you’re downgrading to a free plan, instead of making you remove all of your projects and users manually, we’ll delete all of your account data for you. (After warning you, of course!)